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ContinuumBridge enables businesses and organisations to create new revenue streams, streamline processes and personalise their service delivery.

Built on our proven technology, we currently provide services in two sectors:

Wisp for Assisted Living
Spur for Facilities Management, Leisure and Retail

Wisp for Assisted Living

As the population ages, more people are living independently for longer, stretching health resources and budgets across the board, particularly in domiciliary care. Unless care providers find new ways to deliver care and streamline service delivery, this situation will become increasingly unmanageable.

By putting up to date, actionable insights, directly into the hands of health professionals and carers, Wisp enables this change, today.

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Spur for Facilities Management, Leisure and Retail

As customers and clients become ever more demanding for an instant response, facilities management, leisure and retail businesses are faced with an escalating challenge. Deploying new technology may hold some of the answers, but this is often a complex and expensive endeavor.

Simple to deploy and use, Spur enables facilities management, leisure and retail businesses to quickly deploy new services, streamline their legacy processes and improve customer response times; without the need for significant capital investment in replacing old equipment.

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Wisp for Assisted Living

By unleashing the power of actionable data, produced from a combination of wireless sensors discreetly situated in a person’s environment, Wisp redefines how care services are delivered.

With the insights produced by Wisp, health professionals are now able to individually tailor the provision of care and track its effectiveness. Deploying Wisp minimises the cost of delivery and reduces hospital admissions; helping people retain their independence for longer.

Wisp is also used to support patients’ cognitive recovery. Clinicians unobtrusively monitor progress whilst patients regain their independence.

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Selected Partners

“We’ve been working closely with the team at ContinuumBridge for nearly 2 years, to ensure their telecare solution meets the needs of our health and social care professionals in helping our service users live at home for longer. The aim is to free up resources so we can invest in other areas and broaden our service offering.”
Martyn Price, Head of Health Improvement, Sirona Care & Health CIC

Spur for Facilities Management, Leisure and Retail

Not just a button, Spur provides a compelling and convenient call to action with instant visual feedback to the screen - either an automated response or a response from a human. By integrating Spur into an existing workflow, facilities management, leisure and retail businesses are able to streamline their supply chain, service and support operations; responding more rapidly to customer demands and their feedback.

Easy to deploy and configure, Spur is endlessly flexible. Whether you are looking to deploy a new service, streamline a process, measure performance against a service level agreement, or simply obtain customer feedback, Spur provides an easy to use solution. Spur can be deployed in a wide variety of situations, without needing to invest in replacing old equipment.

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Spur and Wisp are built using our technology platform. Designed to be secure and highly reliable, the platform has been deployed in the Assisted Living sector since 2013.

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The team that leads ContinuumBridge have decades of experience in growing companies into multi-million pound enterprises.

Peter Claydon
Managing Director

Martin Sotheran

David Hendon
Non-Executive Director

If you have any questions about ContinuumBridge, would like to discuss our current services or have a requirement in another sector, please get in contact with us.

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